There is warning for all game players do not play Valkyrie Crusade.This game is the worst game ever if you not a best player your cards will never activate skill event if skill is level 10 (only best player who spend much money can have everything I did not talk about the summon I talk about battle i saw one player on youtube who easy fight on ultimate with only one GLR and GUR in every team,I use the same rarity on extreme and I can't fight easy.Then how some players can fight easy and some players can't even if they use the same rarity? Ok let me to explain...all is clear,mynet it helps them abour skill activation and they can fight easy even with HSR like one player whom I saw on yotube he use HSR on andvanced and fight easy also have perverted name and he didn't banned but why? Reason is here he is one of best player and can doing what he want,before I use LR and GUR and I always fight hard this time because my card never activate skill then how HSR can activate skill easy? And also I saw many best players who used perveted and vulgar names and they didn't banned.Ok lets try one player who is weak and not best to use name like this he will be banned in the same day.That the also one of reason why is valkyrie crusade worst and unfair game so what if you're best player and spend much money you aren't someone special.So this is my warning for game lovers and players do not play the valkyrie crusade there are so much interesting and best game which is not unfair like Valkyrie Crusade.

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