Utopian Illusion
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Start (JST) 12:00 April 15 2013
End (JST) 11:59 May 01 2013
Princess Kaguya icon.png Princess Kaguya
Tengu icon.png Tengu
Sacred Treasure
Konohanasakuya icon.png Konohanasakuya
Event 10/15x damage
Yuki Onna icon.png Yuki Onna
Event 15x damage
Samurai icon.png Samurai
Event 5/7x damage

Event Summary[edit | edit source]

During this period, the new world map "Utopian Illusion" appears in campaign.

There is a variety of content such as...

- Completion reward for a sacred treasure that only appears here!

- Limited archwitch "Princess Kaguya" that only appears here!

- Introducing numerous new cards!

- Clear all areas and you can build a special monument in your kingdom!

- Numerous interlocking limited quests occur!

- Limited sale of decorations only during this period!

Furthermore, we are also collaborating with Nubee's popular samurai game, "Samurai Empire"!
Bosses and limit time sale decorations like "Kinkakuji" appear in Utopian Illusion from "Samurai Empire"!
(* Boss cards cannot be obtained)

Details[edit | edit source]

Event Chronicle: "Utopian Illusion" is open.


  • Treasure item : Gold Dust
  • Complete Set Reward: Tengu


  • Bamboo-cutter’s Palace (Free, Structure - Decoration), give 3000 XP when built, no time duration required!
    Event Quest Reward: Jewels 10, Gold 5000, Iron 5000, Ether 5000, Exp 120
  • Kinkakuji (300 Jewels, Structure – Decoration)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sorry, "Samurai Empire" is closed now. It can't be played anymore for those who still have the app, and when they press "Onward! To Battle!" it just says "Could not connect. Please check your Internet connection status." as if the Wi-Fi isn't activated.
  • For those who were still playing from 03/03/2013 until 31/03/2013 received a special Complementary Card "Crescent Moon".
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