All users are to comply with Wikia's global policies as well as their Terms of use. In addition, there are some local policies on the Valkyrie Crusade Wiki.


  • Users are not expected to read or memorize any or all policies.
  • Policies are rules of thumb and are here for reference.
  • Users who break one or more local policies will have their actions fixed or undone. Breaking the non site-wide policies are unlikely to get a user in trouble unless it becomes a common and seemingly intentional occurrence.


The Valkyrie Crusade Wiki is not a place for:

  • breaking Wikia's Terms of use
  • trading accounts
  • providing or encouraging cheats
  • describing your sexual fantasies with the cards of Valkyrie Crusade

The site-wide policies have a very low tolerance for breaking and are likely to get a user's account or IP blocked.

Content Pages

All content pages shall be directly related to Valkyrie Crusade and be written in a manner following the Manual of Style.

Objective Information

Only facts are accepted on content pages. They are no place for opinions, speculations, or assumptions. Although it is very tempting to assume a specific detail based on previous experiences, it is important to note that Valkyrie Crusade often breaks its consistencies without warning. Any information that is unconfirmed shall have a notice stating such.

Personal options should be placed either on your own user page, in a personal blog post, or in an existing page's comments section as long as it's relevant to that page. Community pages such as Pages dedicated to favorite cards are not acceptable as each user will have their own preferences.


The comments section is for discussion only. It may not be used for:

  • posting player IDs for any reason (except on the Invite Code page)
  • seeking in-game comrades
  • seeking alliances or alliance members

In addition, comments shall not waste large amounts of space. Long lists and massive images in comments are very messy and may be edited or removed by an admin to take up less space.


  • All images shall be used somewhere. If an image has not been used for several days and has no expectation of being used in the future, it may be deleted by an admin.
  • Images used in content pages shall be appropriately named based on the image's content.
  • Images used elsewhere (comments, blogs, forums, user pages) do not have any naming requirements. However, it is not recommended to use any common names that other users are likely to take such as "Untitled", "Noname", "Profile", "MyAttackTeam", etc.


  • All threads shall be posted in their appropriate forum.
  • The wiki forums may not be used for:
    • seeking in-game comrades


Blogs may not be used for:

  • asking for help
  • seeking in-game comrades
  • seeking alliances or alliance members
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.