World of the Gods' Academy
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Start (JST) 12:00 May 16 2013
End (JST) 11:59 June 03 2013
Beelzebub icon Beelzebub
Esper icon Esper
Sacred Treasure
Grace icon Grace
Find Miss Academy!
Uriel icon Uriel
Event 10/15x damage
Hathor icon Hathor
Event 5/7x damage

Event SummaryEdit

During this period a new world map "World of Gods' Academy" will appear in campaign.

- Sacred treasures and complete rewards that only appear here!
- Limited archwitch Beelzebub appears here!
- If you clear all areas you can build a special monument in your kingdom!
- Continuous limited quest starting here!
- Limited time deco sale!
- New cards appearing here!

And a plethora of  new content coming to you!

Additionally, there is also a brand new maiden finding event, "Find Miss Academy!"
Advance the quest by finding special battle maidens and defeating them in battle!



Event Chronicle: "World of Gods' Academy" is open.


  • Treasure item : Grimoire
  • Complete Set Reward: Esper
  • (Map Completion) Progress Reward: Grace

Find Miss Academy!Edit

1. Swan
2. Military Band
3. Sprite
4. Scholar
5. Scientist
6. Teacher
7. Pastry Chef
8. Athlete
9. Hathor
10. Grace

World Of the Gods' Academy mapEdit

World of the Gods Academy map
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