World of the Gods' Academy
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Start (JST) 12:00 May 16 2013
End (JST) 11:59 June 03 2013
Beelzebub icon.png Beelzebub
Esper icon.png Esper
Sacred Treasure
Grace icon.png Grace
Find Miss Academy!
Uriel icon.png Uriel
Event 10/15x damage
Hathor icon.png Hathor
Event 5/7x damage

Event Summary[edit | edit source]

During this period a new world map "World of Gods' Academy" will appear in campaign.

- Sacred treasures and complete rewards that only appear here!
- Limited archwitch Beelzebub appears here!
- If you clear all areas you can build a special monument in your kingdom!
- Continuous limited quest starting here!
- Limited time deco sale!
- New cards appearing here!

And a plethora of  new content coming to you!

Additionally, there is also a brand new maiden finding event, "Find Miss Academy!"
Advance the quest by finding special battle maidens and defeating them in battle!


Details[edit | edit source]

Event Chronicle: "World of Gods' Academy" is open.


  • Treasure item : Grimoire
  • Complete Set Reward: Esper
  • (Map Completion) Progress Reward: Grace

Find Miss Academy![edit | edit source]

1. Swan
2. Military Band
3. Sprite
4. Scholar
5. Scientist
6. Teacher
7. Pastry Chef
8. Athlete
9. Hathor
10. Grace

World Of the Gods' Academy map[edit | edit source]

World of the Gods Academy map.png

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